Richard Harris

When my wife and I decided to build our dream home, it was a daunting undertaking. We were very fortunate however to have a builder and team of trades that took extremely good care of us and always addressed any of our concerns or issues promptly and without debate. One of the best trades we worked with was Sea to Sky Plumbing, Heating, Gas & Sprinklers. They looked after all of the mechanical needs for our new home including radiant in-floor heating, sprinklers, gas fired appliances, all of the plumbing and even installed our fireplaces. The Sea to Sky Team was reliable, efficient and highly responsive. After our family moved in, if we had any issues or concerns, they responded immediately and are always available 24/7 in case of an emergency. Although we are extremely happy with our new home, if we were to ever do it again, or if our friends were to undertake a renovation or new construction project we would not hesitate to strongly recommend Sea to Sky Plumbing for all of the mechanical contracting needs. For a couple of relatively humble brothers, they are never satisfied until you are fully satisfied.